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Chemical Peels



Pumpkin Peel – 1250.00

A 40% formulation of Glycolic and Lactic Acid with an approx. pH 3.2 formulated to provide deep exfoliation for facial area, allowing acids to effortlessly penetrate clogged pores and assist in cell proliferation

Green Apple Peel – 250.00

TCA Peel 10%/15% – 300+

Salix Peel 25 Peel – 250.00

Glycolic Peel – 200.00

Green Peel Classic – 375.00

Purely natural ingredients for your beauty. Using a special technique, a special mixture of various herbs and algae that are rich in minerals, enzymes, and vitamins that help your skin regain freshness

Green Peel Energy – 475.00

You can feel the energy. It stimulates your skins circulation and metabolism. It makes the ideal treatment for skin that needs to boost to regenerate.