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Our skin is a window to our inner health and wellness. There really is no shortcut to youthful-looking skin other than through a healthy mind and body.

Go beyond cleansing and moisturizing. Acquaint yourself with the skin-transforming powers of vitamin C, retinol, glycolic acid and other ingredients that will prevent and restore skin damage. Religious application of sunscreen remains your best defense against skin aging and skin cancer.

Agents that can damage your skin:

  • The Sun:

Chronic exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays breaks down collagen fibers and elastin. It also contributes to the formation of free radicals, leading to premature skin aging and, in some cases, cancer.

  • Hormones:

During puberty, our bodies start ramping up production of sex hormones estrogen and androgen, which results in excess oil and enlarged pores. Meanwhile, fluctuating hormones during pregnancy can cause acne, dark spots, spider veins and various skin rashes to appear. As one approaches the menopause stage, when estrogen starts to decline, you’ll notice that your skin becomes dry, less elastic and more prone to acne and hyperpigmentation.

  • Lifestyle and Diet:

For instance, sweets and refined carbs like white bread and pasta can cause rapid spikes in blood sugar and accelerate your skin’s aging process. These sugar by-products do two things: They stop your cells from functioning properly, and then they create free radicals, which further damages your cells.” Moreover, processed foods that are high in sugars, also known as high-glycemic foods, can trigger acne.

Likewise, cigarette smoking plays a major part in the formation of wrinkles.

  • Skin choices:

Your skin care routine can make or break your skin. The wrong products with harsh chemicals or that don’t match your skin type can make existing skin conditions worse. But the right formulas for your skin—applied in the proper amount and in the correct order—may help reverse the damages mentioned above and even prevent them from happening in the first place.

We often treat people who wish they had started taking care of their skin earlier. The good news is that it is never too late to start. At Katy Medispa we help patients with the following skin conditions:

1. Acne

2. Fine Lines and Wrinkles 

3. Dark Spots or Hyperpigmentation

4.Scars and Stretchmarks

5. Oily and Dry Skin

6. Facial Asymmetry,  Facial Volumen Loss (Lips, Cheeks, Jawline and others).